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Key Features

School Management System - Overall Features

Based on SaaS model (Software as a Service), a next generation School ERP sytem to ease out all your operations

Overall Features

SchoolsGenie is a smart school program, a complete web-based  school ERP catering to all sizes of schools from Pre-K to high school. An application that can be accessed from any computer or device with an Internet connection. It is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome and other latest web browsers on the Windows, Mac OS-X , and Linux operating systems. All data is stored on our servers, yet available to you anywhere.

SchoolsGenie is the most flexible, powerful, automated online School Management System for schools who wants to explore the new ways to run their organization with digitization as a key factor. Its simply an automation tool that works for you and your organization.

Built For You and Your Business

SchoolsGenie is the Service Operative platform that you’ve always wanted. Easy-to-use, automated and intelligent - SchoolsGenie lets you finally run your entire business in the cloud. Experience the most streamlined, integrated, and powerful School Management System that easily allows you to connect all the moving parts of your school process in one cloud-based platform. 

Easy-To-Use Interface

We obsess over the design of our user interface trying to provide a highly customizable set of features in an easy-to-use, efficient, and intuitive design. We constantly trying to improve our product by incorporating as many user suggestions as we can for new features and improvements that make SchoolsGenie easier to use and to understand.


From the beginning, one of our top goals was to offer a product that was affordable for all schools and free for parents and staff members. Even as we have evolved from a simple online gradebook to a sophisticated and comprehensive online student information management system, we have remained true to that goal with further expanding in all the possible areas even till date.


Speed, availability and data security is everything today and we do take all this seriously. With utmost availability of the service providers and their world class data center availability and security only we are able to provide you the world class services.

Improve Overall Performance

Gain day-by-day control over your staff members without waiting for answers. Monitor how you’re racing against time, budget, and margins anytime from anywhere.

Maximize profitability

Track everything that goes on in your organization, from emails to support, and bill for all the work your that goes on. SchoolsGenie helps you get the return of investment in all the possible ways by saving in your time, money and efforts. 

Mobile App for Parents

SchoolsGenie is one of the most recognized resources for parents, offering comprehensive information on their child in school, their digital media kit for kid(s). Parents can interact with the school now using their on the web and on their iOS or Android phones and devices to submit school applications, upload student documents, check application status, and get themselves up to date in regards to what all activities going on daily basis. Now you will not miss out any activity, circular, PTM ….and the list goes on.

Handle all your school related tasks of your child on the go, from your iPhone or Android device – track things, plans, assignments, events and much more.

Key Features:

  • Check class routine
  • Ability to make online payment
  • Check on what's available in library
  • You can keep track of appointments, schedules for tests and assignments 
  • Notification in case there's an emergency or delay in your child's school bus
  • Keep up the learning track of your child with online worksheets / videos and much more available on a click
  • Check on any disciplinary action / waiver / sign offs online itself
  • Browse through the image gallery of your child, again online
  • Check the daily homework
  • Conversation starters for talking to teacher via one-one-one private message
  • Notifications when new updates are posted

Online Registration

Your customers come first, which is why we make sure they have the best experience possible when interacting with your registration system. Intuitive browsing, easy access to accounts, easy checkout, and more.

Seamless integration process with School Website. If your school has a website not hosted by SchoolsGenie, we still provide controls that can be integrated to our system right from your website. The overall process walks users through the enrollment process step-by step. The system further automate school applications, lotteries, and waitlists to save costs and staff hours.

Key Features:

  • Saves time for schools
  • Saves time for parents
  • Streamlined Registration System & Admissions Management with Workflow
  • Customized according to each school’s procedure, with automatic e-mail notifications at each step of the process.

Online Fee

SchoolsGenie is a one stop place for the parents to make all the dues (tuition / hostel / transport etc.) online now, be it related to tuition, hostel, transport etc. Parents can make their payments safely on regular basis with auto payment (if the option has been enabled) or around the payment due dates. You will never forget about the payments now, as you get the timely reminder about the amount due for your child.

Key Features:

  • Saves time
  • Payment reminder
  • Safe & secure payment method
  • Payment options via credit / debit / net banking
  • Online receipts available at all times

Student Information System

Based on SaaS model (Software as a Service), a next generation School ERP sytem to ease out all your operations

Student Information System

Student Information and CRM are at the core of the SchoolsGenie system. Never let valuable data go missing again. Collect information about the students using registration forms, view and track activity and history at the individual and family level, track communications, and much more. Click to see a list of our features in detail.

The student information dashboard provides ready access to the most critical information. Adjust status and lock/unlock accounts. View emergency contacts, medical and allergy information, affiliations, current grades and attendance.

Administrators can even upload not just the current student photo, but can also check the historical data for a particular student at any given point of time.

Parent Portal

Single point of view of all what you would ever want in a portal. All information related to classmates, syllabus, circulars, PTM's, child's history, payments, transport, hostel, library, one-one-one messages, attendance etc…all under one room now. Your single source of truth that you were always looking for. All this comes in appropriate secure manner with fine grained access control along with secure connection methodology.

We trust our third party resources that helps us build the robust environment to facilitate different world class options for storage, networking and accessibility.

SchoolsGenie simplifies communication. SchoolsGenie brings all your school's communication together, giving a parent the workspace where conversations are organized and accessible.

Ultimately SchoolsGenie helps everyone find the answers they need. You don’t have to go to every time to school to stay informed. SchoolsGenie builds a searchable archive of your school's conversations, syllabus, and school assignments — made more useful and meaningful by putting knowledge in everyone’s hands.

Key Features:

  • Single point for all the information
  • Ability to upload the required documents online
  • Take action for permission(s), disciplinary actions
  • Manage profile with changes to personal information

Parent Teacher One on One

The Student / Teacher messaging system allows students and teachers to communicate with one another using their individual accounts. The messaging system will be very similar to texting apps and will allow students and teachers to send messages back and forth using our web application, or smartphone app, eliminating the necessity of just email for simple one-to-one communication.

School - Parent - Teacher was always having some gap in place, regarding appropriate communication and updates regarding school activities, child progress and assignments / homework miss and finally about reporting. SchoolsGenie has eradicated these gaps and open the gates for one-one-one communication between Parents and Teachers.

Key Features:

  • Saves time
  • Easy accessible option
  • Up to date information
  • Decrease in response time
  • Finally satisfaction guaranteed from all perspective

Manage Student and Classes

SchoolsGenie offer a comprehensive set of student and class management features that allow teachers and administrators to effectively and efficiently manage an unlimited number of students and classes. Features include, but are not limited to, storage of customizable student and parent profile data, student document storage, student transcripts, student and class schedules, assignments, assessments, attendance, student behavior, online exams and grading. Grading and reports can be done at the end of a term or anytime throughout the year in the form of progress reports. There are a variety of different styles, each with many options, for sending out these reports, and the system automatically creates mark sheets and your school labels for parents. What’s more, with just a few clicks, you can make these reports immediately available to parents via the parent portal that comes with SchoolsGenie. The portal, just like the admin, is accessible from any web browser or through smartphone via iOS or Android device, so parents can view and download reports at their convenience.

Parent / Student Profile

Extensive profile data for each student can be maintained including name, login details, Roll number, email address, phone numbers, mailing address, birth date, gender, ethnicity, emergency contacts, medical record if any, and any important notes regarding the student that may be pertinent to the student's wellbeing. In addition, teachers / administrators can also check on the details of each student.

Student Behavior Tracking

In addition to attendance tracking, SchoolsGenie also allows you to track student behavior in a similar manner using a disciplinary / behavior log. Behavior incidents are recorded for a student specifying a class, a date, a user-defined behavior status, and any detailed notes pertaining to the incident. The module takes checkpoint to record discipline event, outcomes and actions.

Additional Key Features:

  • Add bulk students
  • Student promotion to next grade
  • The system allows you to manage an unlimited number of students
  • Homework and assignment management
  • Library management
  • Online grades
  • Online exams


Based on SaaS model (Software as a Service), a next generation School ERP sytem to ease out all your operations

Assignments / Homework

SchoolsGenie allows the teacher(s) to upload the assignment and homework and parents can access the same from their account, making the end to end process super easy. The system also allows adding the links for your Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, or Google Drive to any task or Conversation, again making the entire system reusing the same files for different sections of a class rather uploading it separately.

You can however use SchoolsGenie's capability wherein students can submit documents for specific assignments via their web portal account.

Key features:

  • Upload assignment / homework in different formats
  • Ability to use third partly URL's easily
  • Maintains the history of all the homework / assignments uploaded for the entire class and sections

Teacher allocation

SchoolsGenie gives an easy interface to allocate teacher to appropriate classes / sections. The role of assigning the teacher normally is with the school admin. The teachers will not be able to see the classes and students until the classes are assigned to them. Just simply select the class, section and you will get a dropdown to do the needful all this comes under the subject header. Besides this in case you want to make a change to already existing teacher, you can edit the already allocated teacher under teacher allocation list.

SchoolsGenie being proactive in its thought process always thinks in terms of someone leaving your organization and for the same reason, in case the teacher is leaving, admin will be prompted with information regarding replacement of the teacher.

Student Promotion

SchoolsGenie comes out with regular student promotion option wherein the system allows user to promote students to next class/grade or make the student as an alumni student if you want to. The alumni program gives the school an option to keep a track of all students passed out of the school for future uses.

The system allows to promote all the students or selective students depending upon each student status.

Key features:

  • Class wise students promotion
  • Selective students promotion
  • Different options with promotion functionality
  • Reporting even for alumni


SchoolsGenie allows school teachers / Instructors take attendance in the system in just seconds, and attendance reports are available to the school office instantly. Principals and office staff can immediately see students marked tardy, absent, etc., and even make updates or corrections as necessary. Parents can register for instant email notifications of absences, tardy, medical absences and more. And with the options opted by the school, parents can check students in and out themselves as well on their smartphone as well. All subscriptions include student attendance and behavior tracking features, though school has a choice to enable / disable SMS notification for each such attendance taken. Additionally attendance from scanning the ID cards is also available with integration to third party as well. Attendance feature includes different ways to track attendance, optional notes for each absence recorded, and a variety of ways to record attendance data along with reporting for the attendance at your finger tips.

Key features:

  • Track daily student tardiness and attendance
  • Use the Attendance/Tardy Wizard to
  • Analyze class/section and school attendance records for various student groups
  • Analyze and crate the attendance for any particular event
  • Set a date range with filters to create custom reports from raw attendance data

School Management Software

Based on SaaS model (Software as a Service), a next generation School ERP sytem to ease out all your operations

Staff Management

School Management System with ultimate HR management solution, all at one place. SchoolsGenie HR module takes care of employee information, department they belong to, leave management, payroll and benefits summary all in one page. You don’t have to enroll for different programs for your payroll needs, SchoolsGenie streamlines the business operations by half and its an ultimate platform that employees actually love to use. For any HR personnel SchoolsGenie is an ultimate workforce manager, offering you the best technology in a web based solution.


SchoolsGenie enables the school to manage and create different departments within a school to manage the staff properly. Each department further has different set of employees with a line manager attached to it, based on the hierarchy of school.

Leave Management

SchoolsGenie in a simplistic manner is all about manage time & attendance for your team. A solution responsive and accessible from any device on the cloud gives ease to users to manage their leave schedule along with other tasks with no issues. Employee can check the existing leave balance and apply for leaves and at the same time HR can manage the payroll with all the leaves applied. The overall system comes up with combinations like line manager, proportionate the leaves, managing the days of work, leave approvals and holidays, all tied up to entire set up of HR management.

Payroll Management

SchoolsGenie turns payroll from a tedious process into the easy, rewarding, insightful experience, the way it should be for everyone. SchoolsGenie helps eliminating the need for entering and maintaining duplicate information in different software(s) while allowing for decentralized processing with centralized reporting saving time and effort for HR personnel. SchoolsGenie comes as a end-to-end, single source solution that provides the tools you need to handle payroll, HR & employee benefits.

Time Table

Based on SaaS model (Software as a Service), a next generation School ERP sytem to ease out all your operations

Time Table

SchoolsGenie provides systematic way to schedule your daily / weekly time table for each class and section in a school, based on teacher and the subjects for that particular grade.

Class routine

SchoolsGenie gives a weekly calendar template to create your schedule of classes/sections. You can use this customizable class routine planner to generate your timetable for your school classes and the same will be visible to respective parents as well in their account. You can define the timing for any class as a teacher or admin based on section and further by subjects with option of picking the days. You need to keep your weekly class schedule up to date with the available template. Enter the start time and time interval for your schedule, and time slots will be created automatically. 

PTM Management

This feature will help teachers schedule parent-teacher conference(s) and notify and remind parents of the conference date. The school authorities can decide, if they want a full day PTM or PTM by class. With the flexible option in place, the school can decide how the information can be passed through the parents. Besides this parents get an update regarding well in advance with a choice of whether to attend or not to attend the PTM by checking in PTM scheduler. With scheduler in place, even the teacher gets the advance notice for how many parents will be able to make it to the PTM.

Above all, to avoid the rush and in order to save time and effort school is given an option to enable web based PTM's as well with time slot options wherein teacher and parents can connect with each other on the web itself, saving time, effort, energy and costing from all ends.

Task Manager

Task Manager is a utility included in SchoolsGenie program that gives an option to admin to assign task(s) to staff members based on priority and timeline. It’s a efficient way to create, follow up and assign tasks to you or your staff members. Every time a task is assigned the staff member gets notified via email and SMS. Admin has an option to put a end timeline for each such task and action that needs to be taken by the staff member. All staff members get automatic updates about just the tasks that matter to you.

Help your team prioritize the right work and track their time on each task for complete visibility. Easily remove roadblocks, minimize time intensive tasks, and improve workflow efficiencies for higher proficiency. 

Key features:

  • Increase productivity and execute faster across distributed departments
  • Discuss project and task details with full context of the work
  • Keep work on schedule by assigning clear due dates to tasks
  • Give each task a start date and a due date, so you always hit your deadlines.
  • Powerful Search and Filter that lest you find tasks by name, due date, due date and tags.


Based on SaaS model (Software as a Service), a next generation School ERP sytem to ease out all your operations

Exams and assessments

SchoolsGenie offers a traditional widely accepted mechanism in new digital formation for exams module. To begin with the system gives the option of build in exams date sheet and each student when logs in is able to see the date sheet according to their own class, whereas admin and teacher can see the entire date sheet for the school.

The system allows tracking each student's grade for each grading period, class, and assignment category. Create grading period averages to calculate average grades for multiple grading periods and the overall year.

Online grade book

Grade books were much anticipated and in demand feature from lot of our early adopters and the same has been facilitated now online. All parents can access the grade books online now once they log in via their own credentials. Besides this school teachers have much more ease now while putting the grades in place for one to all the students in place, reducing down the overall time and increasing the productivity.

System allows you to print out the transcript as and when or download the same as per the choice.

Manage Marks / Grades

SchoolsGenie offers an extensive set of features for managing grades that are highly customizable allowing them to be used in a wide variety of ways. Grade management features include, but are not limited to, user-defined grading periods as per schools choice, user-defined grade scales, user-defined assignment categories and grade weighting, grading standards support, and user-defined assignment status.

Online Exams

Unlike traditional exams, SchoolsGenie gives you the option of conducting the exams online now. Teachers can upload the pre-defined question papers online or can create the question paper with multiple options. The options may be multiple choice questions, true/false, yes/no or even the descriptive type along with marks associated with each of the questions. Besides this the system gives the option of timer as well, wherein the student has to finish the exam within specified time limit.

School Image Management

Based on SaaS model (Software as a Service), a next generation School ERP sytem to ease out all your operations

Image Management with Gallery option

SchoolsGenie provides the platform for all the solution in regards to memories of the student while they are in the school. The system gives the option to upload the images of the school and all such images will be visible to the parents as well once they log on to the portal via web or their smartphones.

Event Wise Image Gallery

SchoolsGenie gives the option to upload the events and parents gets the notification of each such event that is going to happen in the school. Besides this, post such event, school can upload the images of the event or all the events in the session online as well. Parents can view the images of all the events as per their choice, as all the images will be categorized event wise.

Individual Image Management

The individual Image Management functionality comes in place when the school really wants to take care of the parents in terms of entire school activities and memories of the students. The module comes in place wherein school takes the option of image management with our photographers taking care of entire school activities for the entire year.

Key Features:

  • School gets the professional photography experience with no cost but additional revenue options
  • School can arrange the events for the entire year ahead of time
  • School and parents can check the pictures of the event(s) online
  • School and parents can check the pictures of individual student rather than a parents searching pictures of their own child out of thousands of images

School Management Software

Based on SaaS model (Software as a Service), a next generation School ERP sytem to ease out all your operations


Private message is an option available to both parents and teachers for communication. Any parent can send a private message to any teacher or to school admin for any concern and likewise any teacher, accounts manager or admin can send a private message to any parent. All messages private in nature will be available to respective parent only, anytime such message comes in, the recipient will get an email notification of such message.

Private message helps a parent to communicate directly with teacher, account manager or admin for anything relating to not just the concerns but also for various type of information or clarification as well, be it related for fee, homework, assignment(s), any event etc. All this just to speed up the communication flow and to avoid any delays.


SchoolsGenie provides the functionality of notifications to school(s) in order to keep the staff members & parents informed at all the times, saving time, resources & ultimately the cost. Notifications comes in modes of emails, SMS or WhatsApp with considerably zero to minimal cost depending up on the frequency and value of usage. The mechanism is / can be used for mass communication as well, by making groups of choice irrespective of size. Just simply pull or select the information based on different segments like class, sex, region, hostel, transport route etc. All the communication with parents or staff members would be used based on the method or preference of phone, text, email, WhatsApp or combination of all.

Schools use notifications mechanism for:

  • Attendance notification
  • Report card notifications
  • Bus schedule changes
  • Promoting special activities and events
  • Parent teacher meeting schedule
  • Tuition payment reminders
  • Homework notices etc.
  • .

    Email & Templates

    SchoolsGenie provides the facility to send and emails along with saving the emails for future templates to re-use for different occasions as well as daily tasks like homework, assignments, greetings, bus schedules etc. Schools use email templates to send messages that include information that infrequently changes from message to message. Send a message whenever you are ready for the desired purpose with or without attachment(s). Compose and save a message as a template, and then reuse it when you want it. New information can be added before the template is sent as an email message.

    SMS & WhatsApp

    SchoolsGenie provides instant messaging service that lets you create one way group(s) avoiding the confusion and noise of unnecessary replies for teachers & students, for individual or group messaging. Message(s) can be sent as per school choice.

    School Management Software

    Based on SaaS model (Software as a Service), a next generation School ERP sytem to ease out all your operations

    Online Fee Management

    SchoolsGenie comes with a complete School Fee Management Solution for any school and for any size! A cashless option for parents and students, with digitization and Go Green initiative. The portal gives parents the ability to log on to their account(s) and deposit funds for registration, tuition, transport, lunch and other school activities on scheduled basis.

    The portal comes handy when the school has to deal with either monthly or daily finances and can create the fee structure with desired options including but not limited to fee schedules and type of fees, the intervals and discounts like internal employees etc. Every time someone makes a payment, school is notified and the payments will be directly deposited to school's bank account with no intervention from SchoolsGenie.

    Cash Management

    One of the biggest pain points of school is about cash management and SchoolsGenie takes care of the same with efficiency by having cash management module under finance which deals with daily cash supplies for income or expenses along with balance cash in hand feature for easy accounting. Easy cash management leads to proper budgeting & budget analysis. Petty cash, ledger, expenditure and revenue reports, all helps in managing your school account in clean and professional manner ultimately helping in maintaining cleaner accounting records.

    Expense Management

    With SchoolsGenie in place for your school, a solution to manage payments and subscriptions, build strategic budgets both for short term and long term, and eliminate expense reports. By integrating real time tracking for every transaction in school, the porta, provides information with instant insight into their spend. With appropriate finance management in place, you can make cash flow decisions, curb losses before they happen, and never have to save a receipt again and simply go paperless. SchoolsGenie helps you getting back to do the work that keeps your business running with our many integration capabilities everything from accounting to HR to students management.

    Smart Reporting

    Information at your fingertips, isn't that’s what everyone looks for, SchoolsGenie is where you will get whatever you want. Reports which provide the detailed information about the different entities comes under this section. A large variety of essential reports are always available in our admin portal. Generate financial reports that are vital to a healthy school program. All this comes with a feature of exporting the data in excel / csv format. Some of the frequently used and meaningful reports, but not limited to all reports for different purposes are listed here blow:

  • Employee & students reports
  • Attendance reports
  • Fee reports
  • School Management Software

    Based on SaaS model (Software as a Service), a next generation School ERP sytem to ease out all your operations

    Smart Classes

    The smart classes or classrooms is a very comprehensive strategy for digital education model in schools. The key to the strategy is that its purely student centric, recognizing the demands, from both students and their parents perspective for seamless movement between learning at school, home, work and play.

    Keeping smart classes methodology in mind, we designed the UI elements and components in a much simpler manner to help the child, parent and the school staff to utilize the digital content to utmost use.

    Online worksheets

    Teachers has the capability to upload the online worksheets or assignments if they want to. Teachers can limit the worksheet in terms of reading material or in terms of an assignment with time boundary for completion.

    Key features:

    • Upload / download the required worksheets
    • Ability to use third partly URL's easily
    • Maintains the history of all the worksheets uploaded for the entire class and sections

    Online videos

    With world being a small village and keeping digitization in mind, we have collaborated videos for each age group depending upon the grade level. The online videos varies with lots of interests and information. A parent can search and play the video of their choice depending upon the requirement for their child.

    Key features:

    • Gives enough know-how of a particular subject with different perspective
    • Available via third party integration
    • More than one video available for a single subject

    Smart Study Material

    Grade wise study material can be uploaded via different formats. It could be a homework, syllabus, reference guides suggested by the teacher, the book itself or online videos.

    The entire effort is to bring as much subject matter knowledge to student with no wastage of time and hence keeping the focus of the child towards the particular subject well in time.

    School Management Software

    Based on SaaS model (Software as a Service), a next generation School ERP sytem to ease out all your operations


    Safety is our foremost concern for all & we are committed to adhere to the latest technology standards. Besides other latest technologies we have adopted RFID both low and ultra frequency mechanisms, wherein user will log in their attendance will either manual tabbing the machine or the machine automatically picks up the attendance with ultra frequency mechanism. The parent gets the notification almost as soon as their kid reaches the school and his/her attendance gets registered in the system. Their could however be some delays due to network contingencies, but not otherwise.

    Online Auditing

    SchoolsGenie keeps a track of who, when & what, that revolves around, who did what, at what point in time and what was the change. Auditing allows you to see when data was modified along with other information like IP address, login and log out time of all the employees.

    Access Control

    SchoolsGenie ensures fine-grained access controls with seamlessly integrated permissions sets to give admin / teacher / parent control, and ensures they have the access they need. The access would be based on standard set of roles & responsibilities which are pre-defined however can be changed according to the needs of school & individual. Role based controls ensure that the right people have access to the right information at all the time. Admin has the capability to add, remove or modify the details of employees as well as the students, as per the request or compliance. We make sure that our site(s) and content are duly secure with granular permissions that gives the control to only authorized personnel and no one else.

    If someone fails to successfully login to the account after a specific number of times the account will become suspended and can only be unlocked using the email address used to setup the account. This protects the account from brute force attacks where someone or something tries to guess the password to the account over and over. The other option is to reach out your admin who can reset your user name or the password anytime on your request. Besides the login attempts SchoolsGenie automatically logs out the account if it doesn't detect any user activity after a specific amount of time, for additional security.


    At SchoolsGenie we take security very cautiously and have taken all necessary measure around the same including but not limited to access control, role based access, SSL, time outs, password resets, captcha etc. SSL here verifies that all interactions are secure and encrypted so visitors willingly enter their information knowing that their privacy will not be compromised. Just in case you find the SSL certs area actually not there, don’t panic, our engineers must be either testing out the SSL certs or putting together some better security features only.

    School Management Software

    Based on SaaS model (Software as a Service), a next generation School ERP sytem to ease out all your operations

    Manage Books

    SchoolsGenie provides 100% Web based library management system for your school. It offers you, the students, faculty and staff members a comprehensive, reliable, and easy-to-use system providing instant access from any computer or mobile device 24 hours a day. The systems stores all the information around books, titles, category it belongs to, the grade(s) it belong to, the author, the publishers all the request, its inventory, reports and much more. The system has a separate access for librarian to add and maintain the books inventory along with issuing the books. Both staff members and students can see the books they want based on different search options and raise the book request, and once approved, they are free to take the possession. All this comes handy to school management creating a paperless environment along with a fast process with no hassle at all.

    Manage Publishers

    SchoolsGenie provides the solution not just around managing the books but all the peripherals around it, starting from the book as an item along with the authors, its publishers, its suppliers, their purchase order and the payments.

    Manage Book Requests

    SchoolsGenie allows both staff members and students an interface to can see the books they want based on different search options and raise the book request, and once approved, they are free to take the possession. All requests are approved by librarian based on the availability and first come first serve basis, all this books are issued with a return timeline, and if the return timeline is passed, a fine will be imposed for the same. Once again, all this catering to the agility of the process which earlier was a cumbersome manual model.

    Inventory Tracking

    SchoolsGenie as a part of library management, keeps the track of entire inventory that your school has, including but not limited to books, all the assets as a part of inventory management system that helps in allocating / assigning a particular asset to someone. Besides this all such assets can be tracked via different department and is visible to admin or assigned person via multiple reports in different formats.

    School Management Software

    Based on SaaS model (Software as a Service), a next generation School ERP sytem to ease out all your operations

    Manage Vehicles

    SchoolsGenie provides the solution regarding your schools entire transport management needs, be it your own transportation fleet or a 3rd party vendor oriented contract. The system takes the inputs of adding the vehicle based on your choice, if its your own you choose the ownership or else the contractor. In case it’s a third party contract, the system will take the inputs of the same as well, with all the details, not just limited to vehicle number but all other information as well, and finally all this data will be available as a list view or report and a separate user i.e. Transport Manager could be created with all the required privileges to manage this entire operation for your school.

    Manage Drivers

    SchoolsGenie provides the option to add drivers to the available vehicle fleet. The drivers are added with full details, in regards to their address, driving license numbers, their person numbers, ID card and much more. All the information will be available to Transport Manager and school admin. SchoolsGenie gives an option to school to create as many departments as possible to narrow down the roles & responsibilities to decentralize the system for agility. In case the school wants appropriate access can be given to drivers as well to log in their hours, check their daily roasters etc.

    Manage Routes

    SchoolsGenie understands the transport management requirements along with needs of school & parents, and created a solution in such a way, that all necessary information could be available to respective parties in timely manner. Routes are generally pre-defined by the school based on the location of the students, quantity, traffic, available drivers and much more. Routes further has the details in regards to the pick up and drop off timing details. Just in case there's any change in terms of route change, delay for any route etc. it becomes the responsibility of driver to keep the transport manager up to date and likewise the message are sent to parents for the same. Besides this school always has an option to have a GPS capability as well enabled via us to track the location of a vehicle at any given point of time.

    Transport Allocation

    SchoolsGenie has created forms with a practical scenario in place wherein the drivers are allocated to the vehicle(s) they will be driving on periodic basis, the drivers are allocated based on the availability of both vehicles and drivers along with different timings for different routes, all this is controlled by the transport manager who further creates the daily / weekly roaster. School always has an option to turn the features on or off if they want to manage the transport management system or not, depending upon their choice, size or in case they are managing all this via a third party contractor and their own in house solutions.

    School Management Software

    Based on SaaS model (Software as a Service), a next generation School ERP sytem to ease out all your operations

    Hostel Allocation

    SchoolsGenie being full blown Student Information System for school caters to hostel management as well, covering hostel set up, its fee set up, managing different kind of rooms, allocation of rooms based on choices, transfer from a hostel to another, its reporting etc.

    Manage Rooms

    SchoolsGenie allows a school to create / manage different kind of rooms in a hostel to accommodate different kind of requests from different choices. Number of available rooms, the choices and much more information is available all through to the school via School Management System for the school with appropriate login credentials with appropriates roles and responsibilities like Hostel Manager.

    Hostel Transfer

    SchoolsGenie looked into the requests from various schools with their practical challenge of students taking migrations from one hostel to another during the year, creating not just the accounting issues for calculating the fees in the middle of session but also the manageability part of the students and the process once again of choosing the right hostel, the rooms etc., all this has been made easy with the less complicated process now with SchoolsGenie web based solution wherein everything is available on few clicks, on the screen with real time information.

    Parent & Staff Polling

    SchoolsGenie checked in all new polls and surveys module with collaboration to school for all or hand picked decisions wherein school may need opinion of parents or staff members in decision making. Poll & survey module includes automated survey(s) that can be scheduled and sent to just parents of a particular class, or all classes or even to staff members, in addition to other triggered events. The Poll & Survey questions directly helps the school to collect crucial data all in one shot, with minimum efforts. All this comes to school in graphical format which helps in quick decision making, and the parents or staff members can see the results of their poll as well in their accounts.

    School Management Software

    Based on SaaS model (Software as a Service), a next generation School ERP sytem to ease out all your operations

    Upcoming Event Caledar

    SchoolsGenie provides the school admins the easiest to use calendar interfaces on the web, and it is also one of the most useful feature wherein everyone from school staff to parents can check in what's upcoming in their schedule, not just about an event, but the upcoming tests, special assignments, circulars, holidays, the PTM's as well. Calendar shows up once you log in to your account on your dashboard and the admin also can see its own calendar and can schedule the upcoming events under the header of Calendar once they login with their credentials.

    Birthday Calendar

    SchoolsGenie has come up with a much requested feature of birthday calendar, who doesn’t want to look at the upcoming birthdays of their colleagues or friends. Parents here can see the upcoming birthdays of other kids in the class and staff members can see the birthdays of staff members once they login to their accounts. All this information is available on the dashboard itself upon login.


    Circulars are all the important messages school wants you to check on based on the dates, which may be just for 1 day or may spread across multiple days. With the powerful circular notification system, parents and staff members can view the latest circulars on their dashboard itself that adds to the convenience and time-saving for everyone.

    Manage Events

    SchoolsGenie has made creating and managing the events in very easy manner, furthermore depending upon the choice of package, school can further upload the pictures of all the events conducted by the school. In addition to this, if the school has enrolled with us as their image partners, we further provide services to the school for individualization as well, wherein parents will be able to see the entire event pictures along with the pictures of just their child.

    School Management Software

    Based on SaaS model (Software as a Service), a next generation School ERP sytem to ease out all your operations

    Vendor Tracking

    SchoolsGenie gives the facility to its school partners to have the entire vendor management in their school suite. The system comes with adding vendor for different categories of their choices, the items they deal in with, the payment setup for them, and how they are further aligned to assets of the school. The vendor tracking cover all the aspects of a particular vendor, its supplies, pricing, items, purchase order, invoicing and payments.

    Online Invoices

    SchoolsGenie provides the invoicing options for tuition and other student fees defined by the school. Issue receipts automatically for paid invoices, online, cash or cheque. The system further has the capability of defining the fees in recurring format as well for all the payment schedules on individual student basis as well. The system gives option of fee collection, online fee payments, alerts which further gives the benefit of increasing overall revenue of the school with less paper management.

    Asset Management

    SchoolsGenie Asset management gives a systematic process of securely maintain, access and report asset information on web and mobile devices cost-effectively. Depending upon your organization policies you can define your own process, hierarchy and can allocate the assets based on usage, designation and policies.

    Asset Allocation

    SchoolsGenie Asset management gives a systematic process of securely maintain, access and report asset information on web and mobile devices cost-effectively. Depending upon your organization policies you can define your own process, hierarchy and can allocate the assets based on usage, designation and policies.

    Everything your institute will need

    School Management | Class Management | Students Management | Employee Management | Task Management | Reports
    Security | Compliance | Access Control | Cloud Based | Online Payments | Data Imports
    Emails | SMS | Private Message | Group Communication | Templates
    Homework | Timetable | Attendance | Syllabus | Exams
    Fee Tracking | Invoicing | Hostel
    Library Management
    Mobile App

    School Management Software

    Based on SaaS model (Software as a Service), a next generation School ERP sytem to ease out all your operations

    Complete Solution

    SchoolsGenie bundles up all the functionality you need to run your program at ease.

    Communication Hub

    You don't have to take stress anymore for communication now, the gap has been mitigated for parents and staff members.

    It's Online

    All your services, Fee management and online payment, Timetables, One-on-One messages, Attendance, everything is just a click away now.

    SchoolsGenie: School Management System!

    SchoolsGenie is a complete online management service for Academies, Schools, Pre-Schools, After-School, Tutoring and Child Care Programs.
    If you manage staff, students and teachers, classes, transport, hostel, with tuition or fees, SchoolsGenie is the one and only service you need. auctor quam.

    Start Now


    K12 schools  / Formal schools / Primary schools / Elementary schools / Pre Schools / Summer Schools and so on.
    An easy solution for all with multiple options.

    Student Information

    Get easy access to student particulars, their grades, schedules, address, parents info, disciplinary records, extra-curricular activities, and any reports, anytime.

    Teacher Information

    Track your teacher's particulars, residential addresses and other data. SchoolsGenie is always online so your teachers can access their schedule anytime.

    Parent Access

    Parents can log in and view their children's information anytime through the Parent Portal. Parents can keep track of their child's attendance, workload and progress!


    Track daily attendance by homeroom, period or subject. Easy to use interface to check off your students.


    You can create homework assignments in seconds and share them instantly with your students.


    You can create beautiful transcripts quickly and efficiently and never worry about losing them ever now.


    Enrolling the new admissions was never so easy. SchoolsGenie is helping the schools to save tons of time with redudction of paperwork.

    Online Payments

    A simple and straightforward fee tracking module that helps you track fees effectively. Just simply categorize, collect and manage everything online.

    Report Center

    View your information exactly the way you want with Report Center. All your data of students, employees, fee, transport etc now will be on your finger tips.

    About Us

    SchoolsGenie is a private firm based in Gurugram, Haryana, with its brain HQ from the Silicon Valley California.
    It all started as a small service for Delhi NCR region covering pre-schools and child care programs. Considering the need and
    ongoing demand to have more easy to use, all-in-one online service that would really help in improving the communication, with go green aspect.

    SchoolsGenie Capability

    Its easy well said than done and that remains true with School Management System as well that comprises of school operations like student management, employee management, homework, timetables, bus routines, hostel management, library management and the list goes on.

    Beyond all this if you try to deploy so-and-so software by yourself, it comes with its own complexities like hardware problems, performance issues that means more spending rather savings on the cost.

    • System for the web generation
    • A way for parents to track a child's progress
    • An admissions platform
    • A central location for homework and other assignments
    Learn More

    Some Facts

    The tough job is not just meeting the expectation, its going even beyond it.
    Change is inevitable keeping your pace with this ever changing technology is a must now.

    Smart Schools Adoption


    The Roles

    The name says it all, the school admin has all the control for employees, departments and changes related to the institute's communication method.

    The features of SMS & Email settings are available for admin and other staff members to ease the communication gap between school and parents, however all under the control of admin.

    Depending upon the roles and privileges assigned, employees will be able to see the features associated with their jobs and department.

    Built in mailbox helps the employee for communication along with attendance, leaves, reports and much more.

    Parents are well taken care of with all the information handy with them online, starting from attendance, syllabus, timetable, exams, marks etc., eliminating all the gaps with huge time savings.

    One-on-One private messaging with the respective teachers gives so much comfort to parents to check track back the performance of the child.


    We provide a step-by-step flow that will help you import your current data. Your files just need to be in Microsoft Excel (.xls) format, uploading is easy.
    Our technical support can assist you with any technical problems you may face free of charge. Service Level Agreements (SLA) has been called out clearly for the same in our terms.
    The program cost is variable depending upon what kind of plan you choose and what additional features you will be looking forward for.
    We would love to answer your questions. Please check our faqs and still if you have more questions feel free to send your questions to or call our sales / support number i.e. 1 800 270 1226.

    Get in Touch for...

    • A school management system for the web generation
    • An online gradebook
    • A way for parents to track a child's progress
    • An admissions platform
    • A central location for homework and other assignments
    • And much more!

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